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About movement

To learn more about move•ment, please download "Blueprint: A Community's move·ment Toward Healthy Lifestyles" or the Blueprint summary.

Blueprint Executive Summary

Communities across the nation are facing a growing prevalence of overweight and obesity and associated preventable chronic diseases as a result of unhealthy lifestyles. In particular, excess weight increases the risk of many diseases and conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and some cancers. Both communities and individuals bear the costs, including estimated direct medical costs of $147 billion nationwide.

The solution cannot be found through health care procedures alone because obesity is difficult and expensive to treat. What is necessary, however, is prevention through systemic changes that will be made via policy, environmental and ultimately culture and behavior change.

To address the need for community change, the Welborn Baptist Foundation has spearheaded move•ment, a healthy community initiative. The move•ment Initiative has the mission of improving overall community health through the development of a supportive social and physical environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. The vision of move•ment is that the Tri-State Community is one in which nutritious foods and opportunities for physical activity are not only highly accessible but integrated within the lifestyles of all area residents as well. The objective of move•ment is that, through increased physical activity and proper nutritional balance, Tri-State residents maintain a healthy weight, thereby decreasing their likelihood of developing chronic disease.