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Impact & Insights

About our Learning Framework

The Foundation believes that learning is the key to making informed decisions and ensuring continuous improvement.  We engage in regular evaluation and learning activities to contribute insights into the fields of Early Learning, Healthy Eating & Active Living, and Christ-Centered Living, and to help us, our grantees, and our communities better understand the impact of collective contributions to Tri-State transformation.  The Foundation will publicly share our learning in annual reports, blogs, and other publications.

We learn from three key sources of information:

Data from grantee outcomes

What we want to know: From our grantees, we learn about grant performance, progress towards outcomes, and about what the data means to them.  Through periodic grantee feedback surveys, we also learn how we can most effectively partner with our grantees to accomplish mutual goals.

As measured by: Through access to our online database and meaningful relationships with Program Officers, grantees provide information to help us understand their progress and any challenges they face.  Learning Circles, annual events for all grantees to meet by target area, provide an added opportunity to make sense of data specific to each field and to collaborate on strategy.

Data from published community level data sources

What we want to know: Secondary data sources, or data that already exists, provides the opportunity to understand how issues are trending the field.  When ongoing, local sources are available, we use them to identify the most critical issues and we monitor them over time to show progress.

As measured by: Secondary data that is available and meets our quality standards is tracked in Scorecards for each Community Impact Area – Early Learning, Healthy Eating & Active Living, and Christ-Centered Living. See Scorecards.

Data from custom survey research

What we want to know:  Where data does not already exist, or is scarce for our areas of interest, the Foundation invests in custom survey research.

As measured by:  Custom research data is used when no suitable, local secondary data source already exists, e.g., Nonprofit Excellence.  A full list of Foundation custom survey reports can be found in the Surveys section.

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