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A New Direction

  • The Welborn Baptist Foundation has extended its funding cycle to 24 months from 12 months. This gives organizations a 2-year funding commitment to fully implement initiatives and refine them post-launch, based on their initial learnings.
  • Grant cycles for the Foundation’s Community Impact areas are now staggered rather than simultaneous. This enables a Foundation-wide focus while proposals are considered for a given Impact area. It also allows us to provide targeted, value-added learning opportunities linked to those timeframes. See Grant Calendar for details.
  • WBF will now accept inquiries for funding on a continuous basis, via an online form. Grantees will determine which of the Community Impact areas represent a fit for their inquiry.
  • In addition to grantee inquiries, the Welborn Baptist Foundation will periodically issue Requests for Proposals (RFP’s) within its Community Impact areas. These best-practice based RFP’s will typically focus on important initiatives which will require a collaborative effort among multiple community partners.
  • The Foundation will expand its support to help nonprofit organizations thrive throughout the area – whatever audiences they serve. Training opportunities for leadership and organizational assessment tools and technical assistance will be offered on a continuous basis, beginning later this year.
  • In the interest of having a transformational impact in the community, the Welborn Baptist Foundation will exclusively focus its program and project support in three Community Impact areas: Early Learning, Healthy Eating & Active Living, and Christ-Centered Living. Each of these three are viewed by the Foundation as areas where timely, strategic investments can make a huge difference.

Funding Approach

The Welborn Baptist Foundation seeks to help nonprofit organizations thrive and transform our community. We fund change in two important areas:

  1. Investing in Nonprofit Excellence. The most fundamental driver of change is a community with well-equipped, trained nonprofit leadership at all levels.
  2. Funding programs with high community impact, in critical focus areas. The Foundation has identified Early Learning, Healthy Eating & Active Living, and Christ-Centered Living as priorities for strategic investments. Each represents a pivotal area for significant improvement in this place where we all live, learn, work, play, and pray.  Early learning gives kids the start they need for a lifetime of learning; healthy eating and active living promote a lifestyle of health; and Christ-centered living reaches all with the life-changing love of Christ.

How We Work

  • Longer, deeper grantee relationships – Our focused strategy allows us to have closer, more effective relationships with grantees - to accelerate community change through growing, sustainable organizations.
  • Emphasis on collaboration – The magnitude and complexity of these community issues exceed the capacity of any one organization to address. We seek increasing levels of collaboration among organizations, funders, and other community partners.
  • Measuring and sharing impact – We are committed to evaluating the impact of our investments, as well as fostering a commitment to measurement and improvement within the organizations we fund. We see evaluation as learning for refinement, not a report card.

Who We Serve

The Welborn Baptist Foundation service area is comprised of fourteen counties in the Tri-State region:

  • In Indiana: Dubois, Gibson, Perry, Pike, Posey, Spencer, Vanderburgh, and Warrick Counties
  • In Illinois: Gallatin, Saline, Wabash, Wayne, and White Counties
  • In Kentucky: Henderson County

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