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Organizational Effectiveness Resources

Below you will find links to expert articles and websites with helpful tools to learn more about nonprofit assessment and organizational effectiveness*.

  • Community Systems Development Toolkit – The Build Initiative, primarily focused on early childhood development, provides valuable resources for all nonprofits to plan, assess, and measure organizations activities as well as to resources to help build community collaborations.
  • Center for Nonprofit Management, Nashville, TN – Links to multiple resources to support effective nonprofits.
  • Foundation Center – Links to useful websites serving the nonprofit sector.
  • The Standards for Excellence Code – National standards of excellence for nonprofit organizations.  An ethics and accountability code for the nonprofit sector. Standards for Excellence Institute, Baltimore, MD.
  • Principles and Practices – Compilation of state level best practices for legal, ethical, and accountability expectations.  National Council of Nonprofits

*The Foundation is not responsible for content on external links.

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