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The surveys below represent the Foundation’s commitment to add information of value to the community without duplicating existing data sources. We determine survey projects based on alignment to our priority areas of interest, as well as availability and quality of existing data.  Through our reports, we want residents to learn about the issues and to make informed decisions that will contribute to community progress. 

Early Learning Survey Projects

Available data is currently under review.  Future surveys will be announced.

Healthy Eating & Active Living Survey Projects

Historically, the Foundation has commissioned a broad health survey of chronic disease prevalence, overall health status, health related behaviors, and access to health care in the Tri-State. The 2015 random telephone survey collected representative data from over 4,300 adults and for close to 900 children across seven counties. With consideration for the increasing availability of local chronic disease and healthcare data, the next survey in 2020, as well as future versions, will focus on physical activity, nutrition, and weight related disease.

Christ-Centered Living Survey Projects

Data on religious perspectives and practices does not tend to exist at the local level. Because of this deficit of information, and because the Foundation has a priority interest in supporting Christian faith-based nonprofits, we have commissioned a random telephone survey to learn about Tri-State residents’ faith affiliations, beliefs, attitudes, and practices. This survey will be conducted every five years. 

To find more information and resources related to the Community Faith Survey, click here.

Nonprofit Excellence – Next Generation Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Survey Projects

This benchmark study captures point-in-time information about the sector’s strengths, risks and opportunities and sets the stage to monitor changes in future surveys.

If you have questions about our surveys, email the Foundation's Program & Learning Officer, or call us at 812-437-8260.

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